In collaboration with Riot Games / League of Legends, Austin Wintory wrote an original song to serve as the new Champion Theme for Volibear. The final piece is called "The Relentless Storm" and features vocals by Einar Selvik (known for his work on the show VIKINGS and for his band Wardruna). For fun, here's a timelapse of an oil painting I made to celebrate this collaboration.
A couple of days ago Troy Baker released his new song and it resonated with me, a lot. Being away from my family is one of the hardest things I have ever faced, and funny enough this piece came out on the 1st anniversary of my grandmother's death. When I heard it, it broke my heart into pieces... So I put on the headphones, grabbed my brushes and this is what happened.
We asked on our brand new IG account @brushesandkeys for some questions and this is the result of our first Q&A as partners!
Brushes and Keys: Q&A

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