The goal of Art Combat Costa Rica was to expose the creative process through a battle between artists.

I always felt secure working alone at my room and didn't like the idea of having someone watching me while I paint. So basically, I decided to be part of this contest and feel how it was to create in front of a crowd. A very scary decision.

We had just 30 minutes to create one big piece

but I never tried to make a painting in such a short amount of time before, and that was extremely intimidating.

I tried to keep in mind that this was my own personal challenge and my own inner battle, so that gave me courage to sign in.

Something nice was that I heard people's comments from the stage, kids around saying that I was making this whole "magical world" and it was exciting for them!

That made me smile and relaxed me as the time went by. I just can add that this first experience as

speed painter completely changed my career, forever.

San José, Costa Rica - May '15