Another 30 minutes to create a new big piece in front of lots of kids! The idea was to get inspired by heroes from the comic books to make it attractive for them, actually... I can say there was people of all ages enjoying the show :)

One of the things I won't forget from this one, is that I felt very intimidated when I realized this was my first time performing alone on stage.

But not only that, the easel was struggling a little and broke after 15 minutes! I then, had to grab the canvas in that second to not let it fall and kept  painting in the floor against the clock, I was really excited in that moment and the crowd was screaming and applauding for my reaction, the fear of failing dissapeared instantly thanks to them.


Ciudad de Héroes and Cartago Prime Collectors presented this event in Paseo Metrópoli to raise funds and help the children's home Baik in Cartago.

Cartago, Costa Rica Sept '15