Diálogos took place in a beach!

The weather this time was really violent though.

It obligated me to grab the canvas most of the time to keep it near during the performance.

Besides that, the incredible view, the lovely smell of the sea, and all those eyes looking at the big screen while the painting was taking shape in 25 minutes,

made this a wonderful night.

We also had a little private talk about the ideals we have as a team and the people there responded very positively! I'll be always grateful for our wonderful friends there, they made us feel truly comfortable and

loved all the time.

"Performing Diálogos in Sonora was a unique and wonderful challenge; it was a very large audience, who weren't familiar with us in advance, and on top of that it was an outdoor venue with a lot of wind!

The fact that the show was a success was a wonderful validation that it's a genuinely compelling show,

and universal in nature.

Any audience, anywhere can enjoy it, and we can enjoy performing it even under unusual circumstances"


Sonora, México. Oct '17