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What happens when we ask the audience for 2 words before performing Diálogos?

This time we had to fly to the lovely city of Vilnius in Lithuania in order to perform our live art show.
"Diálogos" is about having a 30 min conversation between music and painting in order to tell a story, but for this one we decided to let the audience participate.

They shared 2 words with us: "excitement and fear" and without saying anything else, we let ourselves dive into these 2 feelings for 30 min to end with a completed painting.


Being able to have a dialog with Austin Wintory in front of many people without saying any word, has been and will always be the most scary yet amazing experience I've lived in my artistic career.


I'm so grateful for the people who decided to stop by and share with us their view of the show and ofc, incredibly happy to have the chance to visit Lithuania for a second time and share a little bit of inspiration to the community of GameOn and all its visitors!

The painting was sold immediately after the performance and I'm very happy to know that this man was really touched for what he saw on stage, it's one of the best parts of this experience and I don't think I could find words to explain what this means to me.

I'm very very grateful.

Vilnius, Lithuania. Nov '18

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