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The main goal of Kraków Film and Music Festival is to showcase leading musicians, artists and orchestras in one place, giving a unique concert experience that celebrates films and videogames music.

The idea of having me there was to share a new and different view of how music can be altered by visual arts. Our panel was called "The art of inspiration" presented by Varèse Sarabande, in which we talked about how feelings, emotions and inspiration can be reflected in our work and how these can be modified by a second part.

Before the panel we had 30 minutes to perform and let our mind go with the flow to create one piece that changed every single minute until the end.

We didn't plan anything, it was all improvised as I use to do with Austin, but this time, my focus was not only in the sound of his piano, Tina's cello and Sara's flute also gave their touch to my performance.

Kraków, Poland. June '18

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