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First time performing with Austin Wintory and the first time we got to meet! Back then I couldn't believe I had the chance to paint

outside of Costa Rica, but even more extreme, to share the stage with this incredible composer that I've been fan of since Journey came out.
Besides the huge admiration, right on stage we got to connect in a personal way and a spiritual level.
I can surely say that thanks to Austin, I got to open a new panorama to express my art through music.

"Performing at MAGfest with Angela wasn't just a thrill, but it did nothing short of revitalize my love for music itself. Creating in the moment, improvising to a live audience, was so electrifying. That she managed to also create such a gorgeous painting is incredible"


Check the 1st performance HERE

Austin's thoughts HERE

MAGFest, Washington DC. Jan '17

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