This was the first time I had the chance to perform with Austin Wintory and the first time we got to meet.

Back then I couldn't believe I had the chance to paint

outside of Costa Rica, but even more extreme, to share the stage with this composer that I had the chance to "meet" 5 years ago through his work in Journey.
Besides the huge admiration, right there on stage we got to connect in a really personal way. This one was one of the most important achievements, not only in my artistic career but in a spiritual level.
I can surely say that thanks to this man, I got to open a new panorama to express myself better through music.

"Performing at MAGfest with Angela wasn't just a thrill, but it did nothing short of revitalize my love for music itself. Creating in the moment, improvising to a live audience, was so electrifying. That she managed to also create such a gorgeous painting is incredible"


Check the 1st performance HERE

Austin's thoughts HERE

MAGFest, Washington DC. July '17