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MAGFest Washington D.C.

MagFest 2023: SUCCESS!
The first time I painted outside Costa Rica was in this very same event 6 years ago (When Austin and I met for the very first time!). This whole event was like a living flashback and I couldn't feel happier of how things turned out this time.
Sharing Diálogos with @a.wintory and @mason.lieberman felt quite refreshing and I hope we can continue sharing art and music many times more!

Big thanks to @magfest for embracing this idea and for being such an important role in our dynamic.
To our audience for the lovely comments and interest afterwards, and huge thanks to @justinpricemusic for buying the final painting literally the moment we finished! I really never expect that to happen and it's always a great surprise when it does 💙

Magfest will always have a special place in my heart, and I'm grateful to be able to share it with many of you 💙

📸 Photos by @looohhk

MAGFest, Washington DC. Jan 7, 2023

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