What is to perform: An opening.

Now that I'm feeling my career as an artist is rising, (I always had that thought as a far dream but not long ago, it started to become a reality) I'd like to share some of my stories as a performer, as an artist that shows in real time how the pieces come to life.

The first time that that opportunity came, was the day I decided to enter in a competition, the goal of Art Combat Costa Rica was to expose the creative process through a battle between 12 artists.

I always felt secure working alone in my room and didn't like the idea of having someone watching me while I paint. So basically, I decided to be part of this contest and feel how it was to create in front of a crowd. A very scary decision. I tried to keep in mind this was my own personal challenge and my own inner battle, so that gave me courage to sign in. When the day arrived, we had just 30 minutes to create one big piece but I never tried to make a painting in such a short amount of time before, it was extremely intimidating but even having those feelings at the same time, I was listening to people's comments from the stage, kids around saying how they were liking my piece and how this whole "magical world" was coming to life... That made me smile during the competition, made me feel way better and relaxed me as the time went by.

After performing for 2 stages, I finally won the contest, something that I definitely was not expecting.

What started as a personal challenge, became an unexpected victory, not only literal but spiritual.

I definitely think that this first experience as speed painter completely changed my career, it made me feel more secure and brave.

An experience that definitely changed my life.


I'll be writing a little big of my personal and professional experiences here, please feel free to check this page when you feel it.

Thanks for supporting and caring <3 See you soon!

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