A Light In The Void is finally ALIVE!

Two years earlier Austin used to tell me very frequently that he wanted to create a different concept of a "concert", something distinctive than what we are used to see normally. He told me about how to make possible all these crazy ideas and unusual ways to present his love for science to the world, and since then, I've been witnessing his effort to make this a reality, and it makes me extremely excited!

I have never seen someone so passionate with his personal ideals as I have seen him in the last two years, and I definitely can tell I'm SO happy to be part of this, it's beyond inspirational. You can notice in the Kickstarter I'm creating paintings for those who make their contribution to the project, but that is just a little part of what I'm planning!

The past months I have been working on all the graphics, logo, flyers (basically the "look" of the show itself), and I am so happy to tell you that I'm going to be part of some other "little activities" that we are planning for the next few months to promote this amazing event. Hopefully you can be part of this! You don't need to be in the US to do it, there are a lot of options for everyone and the best part is that you can actually watch the show LIVE when the day comes from wherever you are!

I'll definitely share a lot in social media (mostly on my instagram) so keep an eye on it! I really hope you take a chance to look at the project and check the video too :)

Let's see if we can, all together, be part of this show <3

Thanks for supporting and don't forget to

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