LITV on its final countdown!

Most of you already know what is all this about. We have been working a lot to develop this idea and try to make it possible, but clearly just only our effort is not enough.

It's really amazing the amounts of support that we have been receiving during this campaign, (I'm extremely happy that all my paintings are gone now!) lots of support from fans of Austin, of science, of music, art, and love for curiosity... We feel it! But we need a little bit, juuust a little bit more to reach the goal.

3 days to go guys, 80.000 USD to make this project with a basic budget. Sounds like a lot but honestly, is super basic to make this whole idea.

I'm confident this will be a success, I've been listening Austin's plans the last few months and it's really exciting and motivating!

Hopefully we can reach much more people on these last 3 days and instead of having a good show, we can create an amazing experience! Only with your support :)

Check the Kickstarter for more details. And please don't forget to share, that's another cool way to help <3

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