This one, have been seriously one of the most tenses, stressful and exciting months I've ever had. So much work, so many feelings at once, lots of ideas developed, lots of ideas on the way... But thanks to the people that actually cared about this, A Light In The Void is finally alive!

I can't explain how happy this makes me but mostly, relieved! You can't imagine.

Austin has been, for the last 2 years, one of the most powerful sources of inspiration in my life. Being part of this, his first "big baby", makes me feel incredibly lucky.

I couldn't imagine myself working on things like this a few years ago, I can't believe I can actually do what I love and be useful at something of this caliber, with my art... It's overwhelming ❤️

All that's left is to say, thank you again to all of you who believe in us, independently if it's about A Light In The Void or not, I feel grateful for all the support we have from you, about our ideas, our projects, our goals.

Reading all those comments always warm my heart, so thank you guys. We love you.

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