Art in Kraków, Poland

One of the events I was eagerly waiting for was the Kraków Film and Music Festival.

Their main goal is to showcase leading musicians, artists and orchestras in one place, giving a unique concert experience that celebrates films and videogames music.

More details of what happened on this edition

I appear for 2 seconds at minute 2:36 :)

Of course it's not only a concert, the event was full of activities, panels and performances in which I formed part of, thanks to the lovely friendship with Varèse Sarabande, producer of film music with whom I had the opportunity to work with, for Austin Wintory's album: The Rendezvous, not long ago.

The idea of having me there was to share a new and different view of how music can be altered by visual arts.

Our panel was called "The art of inspiration"presented by Varèse Sarabande, in which we talked about how feelings, emotions and inspiration can be reflected in our work and how these can be modified by a second part.

Eímear Noone, Tina Guo, Sara Andon, Me, Austin Wintory and our host Robert Townson during the panel

Before the panel we had 30 minutes to perform and let our mind go with the flow to create one piece that changed every single minute until the end.

We didn't plan anything, it was all improvised as I use to do with Austin, but this time, my focus was not only in the sound of his music, Tina's cello and Sara's flute also gave their touch to my piece, and vice versa.

Improvising with Tina has been not only amazing but truly meaningful. What she represents as an artist, as entrepreneur and as woman is unbelievable.

Her whole career talks by herself and I bet if you know a little bit about her work, you definitely have an idea of what I'm trying to say here.

I enjoyed so much to feel her notes through my brushes, long blue lines in the canvas representing melancholic notes from her cello, while little sparkly and sweet sounds from Sara were taking place on it with vibrant and explosive brush strokes and paint drops.

Listening to Austin playing the piano is always a mixture of sentiments, I feel deeply immersed on his music and so in awe by how he can follow the rhythm of my hand, the different tones of color, and how sudden he can take me from a happy place to a deep and heavy environment is always an adventure, a path that we have no idea where is going to take us.

Diálogos has been inevitably one of greatest experiences in my entire life, and knowing this is a start of the goals I want to achieve, makes my chest explode with every performance.

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