A year of VORTEX

A year ago today, I decided to make the first art exhibition based on Austin's music, here in Costa Rica. He told me several times that he wanted to visit, explore around and take a break from daily life tasks and work.

It was his first visit to my country! But he had no idea he was coming to an event dedicated to his work, everything was planned as a surprise :)

The name of this one was:

"VORTEX: A spiral of sudden ideas between music and painting."

Originally VORTEX started as a little game, an exercise to keep our creativity afloat.

When Austin and I got to meet for the very first time in Washington DC, we performed Diálogos, and after that, we knew we needed to keep doing this more and more because it was for sure, instant chemistry! We couldn't just stop such incredible and intense dynamic between these 2 different disciplines. So he came with the idea of playing music on his piano for a short span of time, send a file, and my role was to make quick pencil sketches inspired on each song and vice versa.

This is an example of Austin's music for this dynamic:

The sketch:

And the final painting:

After several months doing this, I decided to take my sketch book and transform 12 of these simple drawings into real paintings, in order to show them to the public!

But just showing paintings was not exactly what I was looking for...

I decided then, to add music players and headphones next to each painting, so the visitors could live the entire experience, to understand a little bit more what the music made me feel... Something that really gave an extraordinary twist to this exhibition.

A simple idea to spare time and keep the creativity alive, became one of the most lovely experiences that I've had, truly unique and unforgettable.

Is hard to imagine that Austin and I crossed paths more than 2 years ago! And even harder to understand how we feel so comfortable and free with each other.

I bet most of you know how all this has changed my life, not only the way I see life but in every aspect of it, spiritual, mental and physically talking... It's been crazy!

I'm definitely grateful for the people who came that day to say hi and observe/listen to each piece, but mostly with Andrés H. for being the most supportive and understanding human being ever. (Thank you for everything coso <3)

More and more projects and experiments to come, this is definitely just the start!

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