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First exhibition in collaboration with Austin Wintory.

Originally, VORTEX started as a little game, an exercise to keep creativity afloat. 

Austin was in charge to send pieces he composed on his piano in a short span of time (30 or 45 min) and my role was to create quick sketches inspired on each song, and vice versa!


I then, had the idea of remaking these simple sketches into real paintings as a surprise, but just a simple exhibition was not enough to me, I needed to make it special because of what this means to me. Later I came up with the idea of placing music players and headphones next to each painting to let the audience feel the whole VORTEX experience, with a chance to look at the paintings while playing the music that inspired each piece, something that really gave an unequaled twist to this exhibition.


It turned out to be an unforgettable dynamic for all those who were there, a simple idea became one of the best nights of my life as an artist.

San Pedro, Costa Rica. July '17

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